Packman PM200 AGVs are easy to adapt to your transportation needs.

Packman AGVs are developed for the harsh industrial environment. The vehicle is resistant to moisture, sand and dust and can easily withstand industrial practice.

The PM200 is currently our standard solution for industrial logistics for loads up to 150 kg and payload dimensions of 40x60 cm.

Our Packman AGVs can also be easily adjusted for loads with larger and smaller dimensions and with larger weights. Ask us about the specific possibilities for your transport.

The Packman AGVs are easy to equip with automatic loading/devices for loads with small dimensions of 10x10 cm to bins of 60x40 cm in multiple layers and anything in between.

All Packman AGVs have an integrated safety system and power management with operation times of up to 9 hours.

The AGV's reach their goal positions at a dock with 1 cm accuracy with the BlueBotics control under the right conditions.

The AutoLoader makes 24/7 logistics possible

The autoloader system is designed for use with the Packman AGV.
Both the mobile unit and the fixed unit have their own local controller and are permanently connected via the AGV's WiFi network.
The AutoLoader system can also be used in combination with an Omron Lynx or a MiR.
The system can automatically transfer pallets with dimensions of 30x40 cm or 40x60 cm with a maximum weight of 850 kg per pallet.

The required docking accuracy of the AGV should be better than +/-2 cm, which is easily achievable with the BlueBotics navigation.